Administrative Capital-Thiruvanthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) , the capital  city is the administrative centre of the Government of Kerala housing important ministries and bureaucratic offices.  It is also the political nerve of Kerala nurturing budding politicians.



The Government Secretariat :  This  popular, sprawling  landmark is located in heart of the Thiruvananthapuram City, in Statue junction, MG Road. The Secretariat complex was originally constructed as Durbar Hall for Travancore Kingdom. The secretariat refers to the complex of departments. Its political heads are the ministers while the administrative heads are the Secretaries to the Government.

Kerala Legislature Assembly Complex :The new Legislature Assembly Complex called as Niyamasabha (Law House in Malayalam), is a super imposing modern structure located in heart of the city. It’s famous for its classical Kerala architecture with ornate teak works, a unique Kerala styled dome, exquisitely designed interiors and a vast expanse of greenery around it. kerala asselymb

Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation is the largest city corporation in the state of Kerala by area and population.  It is spread over 214.86 km with 100 wards with a population of 9,57,730 inhabitants. The city corporation is ruled by the council of 100 members, headed by the Mayor. It has grown from 24 to 100 wards. The Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Council is the second largest democratically-elected body in Kerala after the Legislative Assembly. The Corporation office  maintains records of births, deaths marriages and issues certificates for various purposes.


State Police Headquarters

police headquartersmounted_police-ceremonyThe Kerala State Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Kerala with headquarters in Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram. The law and order of the city is handled by the City Police Commissioner.   Some Special Cells also operate from the Police Headquarters. The various wings of the Police department  include Hi-tech Crime Enquiry Cell, Special Branch CID, Armed Police Battalions, Kerala Police Academy , Police Training College, State Crime Records Bureau,Forensic Science Laboratory, Assistance to NRIs/NRKs, Women’s cell, Motor Transport Wing, Highway Police & Highway Alert,Coastal Police, Mounted Police, Dog Squad and so on.
The  Police training college was initially  set up by Travancore  Maharaja in Thiruvananthapuram in the mid 20th century to provide training for the police force.  At present, there are approximately 42,149 strong police force for the state of Kerala.  Kerala Police has a reputation for being one of the  best- managed police forces in the country, and one of the top-ranking states in terms of law and order, in various social security rankings.
The Kerala police are also the first police department in South Asia to undertake community policing.  The Mounted Police  are an important part of the  police force and are normally  used for ceremonial purposes . However, mounted horse patrols are increasingly used  to make rounds of selected areas in the city twice or thrice a week .   Sometimes the Mounted  Police are  taken out to attract people and to establish good police – public relationship.
The Armed Reserve Police Headquarters is located in Nandavan, Trivandrum.  The Kerala Police has  eight battalions of the so-called Armed Police.  The armed police battalions serve as reserve force to be deployed  in emergency situations  particularly when the district police fall short of manpower in the maintenance of law & order.

The City Police has started a Community Care Portal to assist and resolve problems facing  senior citizens, women & children, students and other vulnerable groups.  Contact information is provided in this portal.

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