Trivandrum -a changing city

Trivandrum has always been rated as one of the cleanest, greenest and best cities to live in India. Steeped in tradition, this culturally vibrant and beautiful


city is now becoming a hot investment destination. World-class IT, educational, social,  logistical and urban infrastructure is propelling Trivandrum to the forefront of India’s developmental surge. Besides,Trivandrum is also blessed with a strategic location, at the Southern tip of the Indian subcontinent and very close to major shipping and air routes. The city’s upcoming port, at Vizhinjam, when completed will be India ‘s deepest port and the largest container transshipment port in the region.
ayurveda-trivandrum-kerala-south-india-101-1cocunut palm The city has witnessed rapid changes within the past five years in all fronts. There has been tremendous activity in the housing front both in the public as well as private sectors. The landscape of Trivandrum is rapidly changing with high-rise buildings, terraced houses, apartment complexes and gated property. Everyday you wake up to see something new- roads, bridges, high rises, houses, shops and shopping complexes.

Trivandrum’s vehicular population has already increased 1 million and it is growing at almost 70-80,000 vehicles per year. It has one of the higher per capita car ownership levels among large Indian cities.vehicle traffic08TVVELLAYAMBALAM_1076974fchakka 1artech-avantika-01-149x198

ACD Systems Digital Imaging

ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Regal - Final Viewscene paddy fields near medical collegesalavation army guest house



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