Trivandrum -a changing city

Trivandrum has always been rated as one of the cleanest, greenest and best cities to live in India. Steeped in tradition, this culturally vibrant and beautiful


city is now becoming a hot investment destination. World-class IT, educational, social,  logistical and urban infrastructure is propelling Trivandrum to the forefront of India’s developmental surge. Besides,Trivandrum is also blessed with a strategic location, at the Southern tip of the Indian subcontinent and very close to major shipping and air routes. The city’s upcoming port, at Vizhinjam, when completed will be India ‘s deepest port and the largest container transshipment port in the region.
ayurveda-trivandrum-kerala-south-india-101-1cocunut palm The city has witnessed rapid changes within the past five years in all fronts. There has been tremendous activity in the housing front both in the public as well as private sectors. The landscape of Trivandrum is rapidly changing with high-rise buildings, terraced houses, apartment complexes and gated property. Everyday you wake up to see something new- roads, bridges, high rises, houses, shops and shopping complexes.

Trivandrum’s vehicular population has already increased 1 million and it is growing at almost 70-80,000 vehicles per year. It has one of the higher per capita car ownership levels among large Indian cities.vehicle traffic08TVVELLAYAMBALAM_1076974fchakka 1artech-avantika-01-149x198

ACD Systems Digital Imaging

ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Regal - Final Viewscene paddy fields near medical collegesalavation army guest house


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Monsoons & Ayurveda experience in Trivandrum

Monsoons in Kerala

Kerala experiences two types of monsoons.  Southwest monsoon is the main monsoon season in Kerala, which gives a break from the summer heat.   monsoonKerala being the first state to receive monsoon, witnesses voluminous rainfall.  The slopes of Western Ghats are mainly hit by this monsoon and the rainfall continues for months  with light to heavy rainfall.
North East Monsoon starts in October and continues till November.  These monsoons are also known as Retreating Monsoons and generally show thunder and lightning with heavy rainfall. The climate prominently remains hot and humid.
The average rainfall during this season is 450 – 500 mm Monsoon gives you the opportunity to see Kerala  at its best in  its  myriad  hues  of green, blue  grey and orange.
monsoon sunsetcocunut climber
monsoon vizhinjamvizhinjan monsoon breakwater
Many Indian people welcome the summer monsoons despite the potential for destruction in some parts,  Farmers depend on the rains to irrigate their land.  In addition, the monsoons provide water power that generates electricity.
welcome rain biharWelcome rains  in India
 Trivandrum the capital of Kerala lies on the west coast of India in the Western Ghats range. It  is comprised  of the lowlands and the midlands geographical regions.  Due to its location along the Arabian Sea and proximity to the seaside, the city experiences a tropical climate without distinct seasons but observes high rain fall during monsoon season starting in July .   The temperature of the city varies between 21°C to 35°C. The weather is usually pleasant throughout the year.  Summer is from April-May and it is warm and sunny.  With the onset of monsoon in June the city gets ample rainfall till the North –East monsoon fades by November.  The moderate climate of  Trivandrum is suitable for tourists from the West.
Scenes of  impending storm and rains  in the city and  the coastal areas.
Picture 207
rains 208



poovar scene monsoon--621x414
shanumugam beach subndet
  Though Trivandrum does not receive as much rainfall as its other counterparts in Kerala,  still June and July are the rainiest months here.   It can be humid in the monsoon months but the overall breezy air lends a cool environment .   Now-a-days many tourists come to visit the town especially during rainy season to see the lush-green environ of Trivandrum.   Trivandrum has varied areas – hill stations, beaches, rivers, water falls and coastal areas . Even during the peak of summer, the temperature doesn’t soar over 40 0C unlike other states. The season also shows erratic rains along with thunder and lightning.   Besides providing a green cover for the city , the  incessant and heavy rains can also create havoc to low-lying areas of the city and suburbs.
    Rainy day in the city




monoon child


 school children monsoon
    monsoon traintrain track


 Normally flooding occurs in low-lowly areas or when river banks over flow. Adequate  safety precautions are taken and residents are warned of potential danger and evacauted to safe locations until the flood waters recede.
monsoon scooter rains tvm
ss koil road




   rain-flooded village
Kerala is a land where the ‘season’ never ends. Monsoon  season  is one of the best times to experience Kerala.  It rains for a few seconds,  or few hours with sunny interludes.  While the tourist season in India usually runs from September to April, Kerala welcomes tourists during the monsoon months (June-Mid August) too, with its hugely popular Ayurveda health holidays and beautiful sights of nature.  Pleasant and equable climate of Kerala attracts a number of tourists each year. Winter and summer are the peak tourist seasons. A cruise in the houseboats on the backwaters of Kerala, or watching  the sunset over the Arabian sea from Kovalam beach are pleasant experiences. Many tourists from the western countries visit Kerala around this time of the year to escape from the chilly and cold weather in their countries.
Monsoon over Kovalam

monsoon kovalam fishing in veli lake

Climatic conditions in Kovalam shows great fluctuations based on the change of seasons. As the best time to visit Kovalam is summer, it is advisable to visit during that time.  And if you prefer winter season, bring woolen clothes as the night gets really cold. But carry an umbrella, raincoat and hat.
Monsoon wedding: The unique geographical location of India offers it a distinct season for heavy rainfall. Traditionally, this season (from June to late August) is considered a lean season for getting married. However, with recent improvements in infrastructure, focus on tourism and developments in the hospitality sector, monsoon does not hamper the wedding plans but offers a beautiful theme and a backdrop for a truly memorable wedding . Rains are considered auspicious for all occasions.  Light rains during the wedding is welcome.

groom monsoon

seaside wedding monsoon



Ayurveda treatment

  Ayurveda gets you the best results during  Edavapathy (July) as it provides the most conducive climate at its home turf of Kerala.  During the Monsoon season, the atmosphere remains dust-free and cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum, making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.   Special Ayurveda deals on rejuvenation therapies are available during the monsoons which has lasting effects.
coconut-10 floating coattagescoconut-10






There are several Ayurvedic centers in Trivandrum.  Popular resorts of  foreign tourists  are the Coconut Bay Resort in  Vizhjam and Somatheeran Ayurveda Resort in Kovalam.
The Lightning Awareness and Research Centre (LARC)located in Trivandrum monitors  the weather pattern during monsoons.  Occasional showers with lightning is characteristic of  the North East  monsoon season.
The following safety tips and precautions are provided for the locals and the tourists.
· one has to keep away from these frames and also those objects touching the frames· All objects with cable connection such as land telephone, cable TV, wired internet modems and all devices connected to electric power should be disconnected during lightning.
· People should also keep away from water pipes and taps, including those in the kitchen,
during lightning
· public should avoid removing connections of equipments connected to the wall plug
when lightning strikes
· While being outside the house, one has to avoid being near trees and large metallic vehicles like  trucks and earth movers.
· If trapped in an open location or are out on ground when lightning sets in, try to move quickly to a concrete building and be at the centre of the room.
· If there is a group, disperse immediately.
· While being in open ground, even umbrellas have to be discarded.
· Riding bikes and leaning on cars can be dangerous;
· Use of metal objects such as ‘ shovels, pickaxe and metal poles should be avoided.
· While being outside the house, one has to avoid being near trees
· Being in water is more serious and can be fatal so avoid swimming
Being inside the car, bus, train and inside a concrete roof building is safe during lightning·
It is safe to use mobile phones and cordless receivers of land telephones when one is away from dangerous objects and locations.
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Religious Tolerance & Harmony in Trivandrum

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Thiruvanthanapuram – R & D hub

Thiruvanthanapuram not  only produces engineers but also scientists.  The city is a research and development hub and is home to a cluster of research centres.   A number of  institutions are engaged in science and technological research. Their area of research includes engineering, information technology, bio-medical technology, medicine, space science, agri-technology, bio-technology, bio-informatics, genetics and plant breeding, imaging technology, geology and earth sciences.

vikram sarakalam president

Among the eminent personalities  who contributed to the development of Indian  space technology is Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.  He was an Indian scientist, an innovator widely regarded as the father of India’s space programme.   Along  with Dr. Kalam (former President of India) he  contributed significantly to the space revolution. Incidently Dr. Kalam was nurtured in Trivandrum and spent some twenty years during the formative years of Thumba Equitorial Launching Station(TERLS ) involved in  the space programme.  His contribution to the ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology earned him the household name of the “Missile Man of India“. 

kalam and sarabai

Rajiv Gandhi-  the technocrat Prime Minister of India took the initiative in  leading  the IT  revolution with the assistance of Sam Pitroda  the knowledge manager.  Sam Pitroda played  a significant role as a consultant and adviser in the development of telecommunication in India.  Pitroda is credited with having laid the foundation for India’s telecommunications and technology revolution of the 1980s,.  He  had been a leading campaigner to help bridge the global digital divide.  Pitroda launched the Center for the Development of Telematics (C-DOT), and served as Advisor to the Prime Minister on Technology Missions related to water, literacy, immunization, oil seeds, telecom, and dairy. He was  also the founding Chairman of India’s Telecom Commission.  Together  they laid the foundation for the technology which currently benefits the masses in various  sectors. Mobile phone revolution has certainly   impacted  the  lives  of  rural-urban population  in India.  rajiv







Trivandrum is home to several  established R& D  institutions.

Indian Space Research Organization


ISRO  which is  the pride of  Trivandrum is one of the most important research centres in space technology and  one of world’s leading scientific organizations engaged in space research and space applications   The launch of the first sounding rocket from Thumba  Equatorial Launching Station (TERLS) on 21 November 1963, marked the beginning of the Indian Space Programme and made the city famous.

ISRO is  currently  located at about 12 km from city centre  This place is a must visit for tourists coming to Trivandrum. The Space Museum situated inside Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre  offers  a glimpse into India’s glorious space research history. The marvels of space , moon and planets which was considered a mystery is now unraveled to the people through research and discoveries.

Space Museum

st.magadelene church thumba

      Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre


  sounding rocket


VSSC at Thiruvananthapuram is the major center of ISRO, where the design and development activities of satellite launch vehicles and sounding rockets are carried out and made ready for launch operations. . Since its  inception, the Indian space programme has been orchestrated well and had three distinct elements such as, satellites for communication and remote sensing, the space transportation system and application programmes. The centre pursues research and development activities for associated technologies such as launch vehicle design, propellants, solid propulsion technology, aerodynamics, aero structural and aero thermal aspects, avionics, polymers and composites, guidance, control, and simulation, computer and information, mechanical engineering, aerospace mechanisms, vehicle integration and testing, space ordnance, chemicals and materials

space museumbyscle vssc

backgroundmars valcano Teleeducation5   -sat

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST)

1isst campuHostel-Building-at-new-IIST-Campus

 IIST ,  a deemed to be University  functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Space, Government of India. The idea of such an institute was mooted keeping in mind the need for high quality manpower for the Indian Space Research Organization.  The institute is the first of its kind in the country, to offer high quality education at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels on areas with special focus to space sciences, space technology and space applications. The campus is fully residential for students. It has an area of about 100 acres, and is located inValiamala ,about 25 kms from Thiruvananthapuram city, on the way to the famous hill resort of Ponmudi.  IIST was formally inaugurated on 14 September 2007 by Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, the then Chairman, ISRO and was temporarily housed in the premises of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, very close from where ISRO built and launched its first rocket.   India’s interest in space travel began in the early 1960s, when scientists launched a small rocket  from Thumba in Trivandrum.  Under Vikram  Sarabhai the program focused on the practical uses of space in increasing the standard of living. Remote sensing and communications satellites were placed into orbit. Important initiatives pursued by ISRO towards societal development include Tele-education, Tele-medicine, Village Resource Centre (VRC) and Disaster Management System (DMS) Programmes.   The  satellite communication technology  has touched our daily lives in many ways . It  has  influenced students, classrooms, teachers , hospitals  even in remote villages  of India.

satelite communicationisrco mars mission awardPM-IIST_1 isstDd-newstelemedicine4


Indian Institute of Science Education & Research

1426050896pic isser

Iisser students

  Indian Institute of Science Education and Technology started functioning in August 2008  in  Trivandrum. It  aims to provide high quality education in modern science, integrating it with outstanding research at the undergraduate level itself, and develop a spirit of research cutting across disciplines. is dedicated to scientific research and science education of international standards. Traditionally, teaching has been segregated from research in undergraduate science curricula in our country, therefore this institution    was established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development,  to bridge this dichotomy. The faculty are engaged in research in the frontier areas of basic sciences, with a high degree of autonomy and creativity.


Isserpswbprocession isserIISER  is a fully residential institute. Separate hostel accommodation is provided for boys and girls. The transit  campus of the institute is located in the Computer Science building of the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. The permanent campus of 200 acres is under construction at Vithura, at the foothills of the Ponmudi hills, about 40km from Thiruvananthapuram. It is  expected to be ready shortly.

Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala


IIITM-K is a non-profit autonomous institution located in Technopark .The institute has been a pioneer in conceptualizing, developing, implementing, commissioning and servicing some of country’s well recognized IT initiatives in Education, Agriculture, E-Governance applications and its services. Thus it has already established linkages with the scientific and academic community.The management of the Institute is vested with Board of Directors comprising  of eminent industrialists, academicians and senior Government officials appointed by the Government of Kerala. At the international level IIITM-K has signed an MOU with STUTTGART University, Germany to work together in research and teaching areas of geoinformatics and allied areas.

Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences

sre chithra thirunal

 Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST), is one of the premier autonomous Medical school, and Institute of National Importance in India established in 1973 at Thiruvananthapuram.  SCTIMST signifies the convergence of medical science and technology, which makes it a unique institution of it’s kind. The main objectives of the institute are promotion of biomedical engineering and technology, demonstration of high standards of patient care and the development of postgraduate training programs of the highest quality in advanced medical specialties and in biomedical engineering and technology. The institute has a 233-bedded specialty hospital, which serves as tertiary referral dcentre for all cardiovascular, thoracic and neurological diseases.  It is a super-speciality hospital but patient care is  limited to cardiology and neurology.


scrmt elaya raja


The genesis of SCTIMST dates back to 1973 when the Royal Family of Travancore gifted a multi-storied building for the benefit of the people of Kerala. Subsequently, the Royal Family  also gifted the Satelmond Palace in the city consisting of the Biomedical Technology Wing.  A third addition was the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies (AMCHSS), which is recognized as a centre of excellence for public health training. The center focuses on research in the areas of non-communicable diseases, gender and health, health policy and management. AMCHSS conducts a Master of Public Health program, which is the only MPH program in the country recognized by the Medial Council of India. The amalgamation of three centers in one location, with their clinical and research activities, fulfils an abiding commitment to high quality health care to the community in the areas of cardiology and neurology. It has  exchange and training programmes with foreign countries especially with Germany and the U.K.

scrmit uk

The Regional Cancer Centre


RCC  established in Thiruvananthapuram in 1981  is  a comprehensive cancer centre catering to the population of the State of Kerala and the adjoining parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.  RCC  has  been  carrying out innovative and pioneering work in cancer control, treatment, research and training.
From a modest beginning, the Regional Cancer Centre has evolved into an internationally recognized centre for conducting a wide range of cancer research and providing state-of-the-art facilities for cancer diagnosis, treatment, palliation and rehabilitation. The Regional Cancer Centre undertakes basic, translational and clinical research and disseminate the knowledge. The Regional Cancer Centre generates trained manpower for the region in various specialties of oncology-medical, para-medical and non-medical areas. It is located in medical college campus.


Centre for Development Studies

cds baker

Set up in 1971 by legendary economist  Professor K.N. Raj the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) is an internationally renowned, self-governing institution known for its cutting edge research in applied economics and topics germane to socio-economic development, impeccable pedagogy, and extensive and exhaustive training programmes. Tucked away from the maddening world of city life, CDS is housed in Prasanth Nagar, a serene, picturesque hamlet 10 Kms off Thiruvanathapuram. The sprawling 10 acre campus is designed and delivered by the renowned architect, Laurie Baker whose love for nature has few parallels in history. The CDS campus , exemplify the cost-effective techniques in construction. It is also a green campus with a prize-winning garden.The state-of-the-art CDS library is one of the biggest repositories of wisdom in South India with over 1,50,000 titles in economics and related disciplines The teaching programme of the CDS includes a two year M.A. Programme in Applied Economics, M. Phil and four year Ph.D. Programme in Economics.All three programmes are affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


cds lib

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB)

rgcbrcgb serene

  Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) has its main campus at Jagathy  in Trivandrum. It  is a dynamic centre and a  key player  engaged in  research related to   biotechnology, life sciences and medicine. Their concentration  is on Disease Biology Research and  innovative research in cellular and molecular mechanisms of human, animal and plant diseases.   RGCB began in 1990 amongst humble surroundings as a small charitable society called the Centre for Development of Education, Science and Technology (C-DEST).  In 1991, recognizing its potential, the C-DEST was made a “Grant-in-Aid” institute of the Government of Kerala and renamed it as Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Development of Education, Science and Technology.  RGCB, became the first institute in the country to be named after  Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minster of India.  Very  soon the institute attained national and international recognition with leading discoveries and findings in medical and plant biotechnology. The institute also received honors for being among the top PhD schools in biotechnology. In 2007   the Government of India took the landmark decision to make RGCB a national research centre.


rcgb research

Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Environment

stec_bldng kstecekscete1

sribskscte KSCSTE is an autonomous body under the ministry of Science &Technology, Kerala. It was constituted in November 2002 to be an agency for change and development through science and technology. The council promotes and activates programs for increasing the stock of knowledge in science, and fine tunes policies which are significant for the sustained development of humanity. The council prepares the road map for development through scientific research and innovation in technologies. Achieving excellence in basic research, academia-industry interactions, strengthening indigenous initiatives, and building strong infrastructure and developing a high quality science education system in the state are our targeted goals. This has been achieved through various schemes and programs and by the R &D organizations  established by the council.  The Council headquarters in located in  Pattom,Trivandrum  and housed in the Sasthrabhavan building. All the schemes and programs as well as administrative affairs are controlled by this office. R&D Institutes under KSCSTE are as followsCentre for Earth Science Studies,Centre for Water Resources Development and Management , Kerala Forest Research Institute,National Transportation Planning and Research Centre, Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute,Kerala School of Mathematics ,Kerala Science Congress, Sophisticated Test and Instrumentation Centre ,Integrated Rural Technology Centre.

Centre for Earth Science Studies
csir building


The Centre for Earth Science Studies  is an autonomous research centre for  scientific, technological research and development studies in the earth sciences.  CESS pursues problems related to land, sea and atmosphere. It was instituted by the government of Kerala in 1978, in Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram.  CESS was the earliest institute in the country to embrace the concept of Earth System Science .   Its  contribution over the years have enhanced knowledge of the geological evolution of South India, the complexity of coastal processes and natural hazards, as well as in proposing mitigatory measures to deal with natural hazards.


CESS carries out studies in river basin evaluation, ground water management, coastal erosin,  research in earth system, micro-level watershed planning, natural hazards management, chemical analysis,  and studies of air, water, land, noise pollution, etc. Besides, CESS  does environmental impact assessment, coastal and estuarine management, terrain analysis, natural resources management, laser applications, river sand mining, and micro level planning. CESS conducts research courses leading to doctoral degree.
Charles Lyell  ( “Principles of Geology” )was perhaps the first to appreciate the scientific value of landscape changes, created by earthquakes.

charles lyel- principles of geology

environmental_science-cesscess underwater

CSIR:Regional Research Laboratory

guesthouse1-csircess research

CSIR  or the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology is  located in  Pappancode Trivandrum . Currently NIIST is engaged in R & D programmes in areas related to Agroprocessing, Chemical Sciences ,Materials Science and Technology, Biotechnology, Process Engineering and Environmental Technology. The institute has also been playing a significant role in Human Resource Development by training post graduate/graduate students, with over 252 Ph.D degrees awarded till date, based on research conducted in the institute.

mantra crti00321-256x175 csircsir-organiccsir biogaswhite peper csir

                                      Central Tuber Crops Research Institute








The Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, a constituent Institute under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research is the only research organization in the World dedicated solely to the research on tropical tuber crops. The Institute established in 1963 with its Headquarters at  Sreekariyam Thiruvananthapur  has grown over the years into a premier research organization of international repute.  Research on tropical tuber crops is the primary mandate of CTCRI. Each division CTCRI concentrate its research programmes on separate aspects of tuber crops. The Institute Scientists have won national and international recognition in the past  comprising of  the J.J. Chinoy Gold Medal and. three ICAR Team Research Awards


sweet potatotubers








Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden & Research Institute

tgritgbri sundial

JNTBGRI is the only organization in India, which maintains a 300 acre conservatory garden for the wild tropical plant genetic resources of the country, besides a well integrated multidisciplinary R & D system dealing with conservation, management and sustainable utilization of tropical plant resources.  The institute is recognized as a ‘National Centre of Excellence in conservation and sustainable utilization of tropical plants diversity’. JNTBGRI enjoys the membership of Botanic Gardens Conservation International . The institute is a  centre of research for post graduate and doctoral research of several universities, within the country.  A large number of visitors turn up at the garden of the JNTBGRI during the June-October season to see the Dove Orchid in bloom. More than 20 plants grown in the orchidarium of the JNTBGRI were used for the project which began in 1995. About 5,000 seedlings were distributed to the public and the majority of the plants produced flowers after two years.

dove flowerbamboos at tgbritigbri-pondtgbri fungal database

                     The largest in India, JNTBGRI Bambusetum is spread out in an of 6.59 hectares with 69 species and 1 variety under 15 genera in addition to 12 hybrids produced .Mr-B-Gopakumar-on-bamboo-prtgbri greenbouse hqdefault-faringm

HLL Lifcare. Akkulam

hindustan liver

aft health care

HLL Lifecare is investing heavily into a corporate R D centre in Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram, This centre dedicated to contraceptive research. It is envisaged as a centre of excellence with world class laboratories and state of the art equipment. The Akkulam Factory   manufactures Blood Bags, Surgical Sutures and many  medical devices . The products are exported to more than 20 countries.AFT has won awards for pollution control, productivity and innovation.

hillcare award

hllcare plant





KELTRON is the first State Electronics Development Corporation in India owned by  the  Government of Kerala.  It is   housed in a former palace and  located  in Vellayalam junction in the city. Since  its inception in 1973, Keltron  has  transformed  the capital city of Kerala, into one of the major electronics hubs of the country.

keltorn palacekeltron machines

KELTRON’s  history is a saga of innovation in electronics. From being a pioneer in 1973, to the role of a trend-setter today, Keltron has been the catalysis for the development of electronics industry in Kerala.  Within  five years since  its inception, Keltron had set up several production centres and engaged more than 5,000 people directly or indirectly for the manufacture of electronic goods.
KELTRON manufactures and markets Electronic components, Equipments and systems for Communication, Defense, Industrial and Home applications. Coupled with high caliber  of technical expertise available in house, KELTRON has re-positioned itself as a Total Solution Provider in Electronics. The Current Capabilities of Company include System Integration,Project Management and Consultancy. Electoral Photo Identity Card and many more.

keltron -wires

keeltron rajiv gandikelton-indira gandi
keltton destop calculorqueen ELIZABETH KELTRON FAIR

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

C-DAC is the premier R&D   organization in  software  technology  located in Vellayambalam , Trivandrum.  It  fosters R & D activities in the following sub-domains of software technologies: – Software-Intensive Systems Engineering, Emerging Software Technologies, Distributed Systems and Database Technology. C-DAC focuses research in software technologies under the following major areas:Free/Open Source software- (C-DAC is spearheading the Free/Open Source software), E-Governance and M-Governance, Spatial Sciences & Disaster Management,IT solutions for social development  &E-learning.

cdac buildingcdac activity

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Thiruvanthapuram- Academic hub of Kerala

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Trivandrum schools – education hub of Kerala

 Kerala is India’s most literate state and its capital  Trivandrum takes the lead largely due to  the presence of highly educated workforce. The literacy rate in Trivandrum is 93.72%.   To top it all, Trivandrum city an educational hub of Kerala is endowed with a galaxy of schools.  Education is a big investment in Trivandrum and there are many schools operating in Trivandrum from pre-school to high school.
Schools in Thiruvananthapuram district consisting of public and private schools  are affiliated to any of the stated organizations -State education board, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian School Certificate Examination Board (ICSE), International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

The District of Thiruvananthapuram ranks first in Kerala in high school education.  Most of the ICSE/ISC schools in Kerala are found in Trivandrum, The public schools are run directly by the state government. They follow the syllabus prescribed by the state government. In addition to this there are  four Kendriya Vidyalayas run directly by the central government which follow the CBSE syllabus.  Depending on their situation some parents  prefer to send their children to private schools that are affiliated to either CBSE or ICSE boards. Private schools are run by Christian groups or Hindu organizations and there is a proliferation of private schools in Trivandrum district.
A few reputed schools in and around the city are highlighted here.

Holy  Angels’s Convent

Holy Angels’ Convent, established in 1880 is a name synonymous with excellence in education is located in the heart of city.  Founded by the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious in 1868 ,this Religious Order efficiently runs and administers the affairs of the institution. Thousands  of students had flocked to this fountainhead of learning, over the decades, enriching themselves, the society they moved in and ultimately the world at large.  The school as changed with the times introducing computer  technology and modern methods of instruction.  Apart from the study facilities students are provided adequate transportation facilities. The boarding environment is homely, spacious and congenial.  Admission is highly competitive and plans  must be made far in advance.

holy angels covent 1




Holy Angels’s ISC schoolholy angels ischoly readingholy angels isclib

holy parade

Holy Angels’ ISC School  is sister school of Holy Angel’s convent housed in a two acre campus in Nanthencode, in the heart of the city. Focusing on the overall development of the individual, the school guarantees physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual growth to its students. The school now offers the ISC and ICSE syllabi from Kindergarten to Standard twelve. The school adheres to the syllabus prescribed and textbooks recommended by the ICSE and ISC Boards. The school imparts instruction in Malayalam and English. The students can avail of the boarding facility which is housed within the school campus and managed by the sisters of the Holy Angels’ Convent. It is open to girl students from classes one to twelve.  Students can  also avail of the school bus facility, if required.

Trivandrum International School (TRINS)

TRINStrins lab

TRINS is Kerala’s first international school. TRINS was the first school in Kerala to offer the IGCSE & A Level qualification of Cambridge International Examinations. It also offers ICSE & ISC. TRINS continues to be the first and only IB School in Kerala. IB Diploma Programme is considered, by many, as the gold goal standard for school education.  TRINS ia  co-educational school with a lively blend of boarders, weekday boarders and day scholars. The School is  set with perfect aesthetic sense in a 17 acre campus on the outskirts of Trivandrum, surrounded by plantations , that provides the perfect ambiance for the teaching/ learning experience .  It has student exchange program with various countries including Germany and  France.  TRINS is  a bit from the city but they provide bus service for day students. Besides associated campuses  are available  in the city in

   -Belhaven Gardens,Kowdiar
– An Early Learning Centre : Technopark,Trivandrum
– City Kindergarten : Jawahar Nagar,Kowdiar,Trivandrum.

french studentsfood fairgerman exchangeindo german

Loyola School, Trivandrum

loyala school

Loyola School, is one of the prestigious schools in  Trivandrum city giving importance to both academic and non-academic activities. It is a private Jesuit school for boys situated in a large, leafy campus in the suburb of Sreekariyam in Trivandrum. The courses offered are ICSE, SSLC (both secondary level) and ISC (higher secondary or +2 level) and +2 (State syllabus). Loyola School was started in 1961 by the Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus, (founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540.)Loyala school  is  considered one of the best of its kind in India. Ensconced on an extensive campus on the outskirts of the capital city  the school  provides  best infrastructure, study facilities  and committed faculty .

jloyala bus1Band-Troupe2_NewboysNived-R-S_New veenateachloyala

The school offers the ideal atmosphere for the holistic development of about 1750 students of UKG to higher level. Loyola school competing with fourteen schools from different parts of the country won the first National Aerospace Olympiad.It is a consistent winner of many laurels.

St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School

st joseph's schoolIt is an English medium government aided K-12 boys school affiliated to the Kerala State Board of Education. It is one of the oldest schools in the city, having  been founded by the Carmelite Missionaries in 1857. The school was later placed under the patronage of the Latin Catholic Archdiocese of Trivandrum in 1998.hslab1st joseph

shashi in st joseph'snccairwing_1

 The school has a  reputed National Cadet Corps (India)unit.T he school has a Choir and Chapel where students of all religions  participate.  The school encourages sports, especially Basketball and offers financial assistance to participants with strong support from Parent-Teacher Association.

Govt. Model School, Thycaud

govt model school tvmmodel school mohanlal
Located in Thycaud, the school is affiliated to the Kerala State Board of Education and is one of the oldest government schools in Kerala. The magnificent main building of the school,  an example of European architecture, was built in 1910 during the reign of Maharaja Sree Moolam Thirunal Ramavarma. Many luminaries have passed out of this schools including movie actors, singers, politicians, civil servants  etc.

ChristNagar English Medium School


Christ Nagar Higher Secondary school was started in 1976 as a private English Medium School in Kaudiar –  a posh locality of Trivandrum.  It was started in the year 1994  as an English medium, Co-ed K-12 day school. In 1996, the school was upgraded to offer higher secondary class It is administered by the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI).

Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School. In 1996 the associated school was upgraded as Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School and was shifted to the beautiful hillock of Thiruvallam facing the Arabian sea near Kovalam and Vizhinjam. The school has maintained high scholastic and co-scholastic records all through the last 14 years.

cngarchristnagar skating

Carmel Girls Higher Secondary School

Carmel Girls Higher Secondary School for girls  located in Vazhuthacaud is a reputed school in the city. It  enjoys the distinction of being the top school in Kerala with excellent board results and well-known achievements in the field of athletic and other extra curricular activities. It is run by the Carmelite sisters of St. Teresa and was started in the year 1963 as a lower primary and  is now successfully marching towards with the pride of bringing out the best students every year. The school has beautiful infrastructure for class room learning , well equipped lab  and various modern facilities. .

????????????????????????????????????AudioVisualRoom carmet????????????????????????????????????carmel garden

            Nirmala Bhavan High school

nirmala bavanNirmala Bhavan Higher Secondary School, founded in 1964, is a girls school run by the sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is located in Bel haven gardens in  Kaudiar area. 13tvtv_school_2201135fnb libraryScouts& Guides_resized(2)

In 2002 it was  upgraded to Higher Secondary School.  The school is a minority institution recognized as such by the Government of Kerala. It is an un-aided English medium School and prepares students for the ten year Secondary School Leaving Certificate (S.S.L.C) examination of the Kerala State Educational Board and two years Higher Secondary examination course of Higher Secondary Education Directorate. It aims at giving an all-round education to the students in a modern environment.  The school  has  multi-media  enabled interactive classrooms and good  infrastructure.

Govt. Higher Secondary School for Girls, Cotton Hill govt-girls-school-gghss-cottonhill-thiruvananthapuram-tvmcotton hill studentscotton hill gatheringsciencelab cotton hill

Situated in Vazhuthacaud, the school  owned by the Govt of Kerala, has a unique position among public sector schools globally. This is one of the largest school, which has the highest number of girl students in Asia.  Cotton Hill has the largest Girls school  enrollment with more than 5,000 girls coming from all walks of life aiming at 100 percent success in every aspect. The school  is an embodiment of women empowerment with 160 teaching staff and 12 non teaching staff among which only a few males in this Smart School.
Known as Cotton Hill School,  it   was established  in 1859 by the Maharaja Sri Uthram Thirunal as a free school for girls and  then functioned in current Sanskrit college.   Thereafter, it moved to other locations  in the city until it found a permanent place  in Cotton hill road ,Vazhuthacaud. Cotton Hill School with its   green environment covers a  total area of 9 acres of  land surrounded by  trees and shrubs.

St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Pattom

  St Mary'sbuilding st.mary

St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School  is one of the most prominent educational institutions in Kerala. With a total number of more than 12,000 students, the school stands first in Kerala in terms of student strength. The thatched and tiled buildings of the early days of the school have now been replaced by modern buildings with well-equipped laboratories, IT labs, and libraries.
The school has a mini auditorium with around 1,000 seating capacity.
As many as 11 school buses operate from the school to different parts of the city every day.It is  managed by the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church. It was founded in 1940 by Archbishop Mar Ivanios, who has been called the “Newman of India.”  Started in the year 1987, and within the short span  has grown into the stature of a senior secondary school. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The School has been making creditable achievements in both curricular and co-curricular activities.

st mary's cadets2161880_nchenda

St Thomas School, Mukkolla, Trivandrum

St thomas school


st thomascomputer-lab2thomas runner-p

St. Thomas Central School was established by The Mar Thoma Church Educational Society in November 1990. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This School and its two sister institutions, St. Thomas Residential School and St. Thomas Higher Secondary School are situated in St. Thomas Nagar, a sprawling educational campus in sylvan surroundings on the outskirts of Trivandrum city. The distance of the school from the city center is 13 km.   The school has a team of well-qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers. There are separate hostels for junior boys, senior boys and girls, each supervised by efficient wardens who ensure its smooth functioning and discipline.

passing g torch st. thomas



The beautiful chapel centrally placed in the picturesque St. Thomas grounds has become the pivotal point for all the spiritual activities in the Campus. Evening service is conducted in the chapel on a daily basis and also Holy Communion service according to Mar Thoma rites on Sunday. The Chaplain is in charge of the counseling center which gives guidance to the students to cope with problems related to their growth process, family environment and inter- personal relationships.

Sainik School,Kazhakootam 

campusSainik-School-kazhakootam trivadnrum


Sainik school is situated in Kazhakootam 18 km away from Trivandrum on the National Highway 47.  The concept of the Sainik School originated in the visionary mind of late V K Krishna Menon, who was India’s Defence Minister in the early sixties. The scheme to establish Sainik Schools originated in order to serve as an ideal residential educational institution for the deserving intelligent sections of the boys, hailing especially from the rural areas of  India. Moreover, the high levels of physical, mental and intellectual attainments needed for induction into the Officer Cadre of the Defence Services could not be nurtured in the common schools, mainly because of the lack of infrastructure  and suitable  facilities.

-Sainik-School mess

 saink guard of honorkalam

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Transportation in Thiruvananthapuram

The city of Thiruvanthapuram (Trivandrum) has a well-developed transport infrastructure.  It is easy to get around Trivandrum and its suburbs because all modes of transportation are available-private cars, state and private buses, autorickshaws, scooters, motorbikes and fleet of tourist taxis on call.  Scooters, motorcycles and regular bicycles, cars are the favoured means of personal transportation on the roads mainly owing to the narrow nature of some roads. The autirickshaws can access by lanes and alleys.  So if you get stuck in the traffic in the main street you can always get to your destination by auto. Convenient road , rail and air routes make the city easily accessible to the international and domestic community. According to India Today survey  report- Thiruvananthapuram emerged as the Best City to live in terms of quality of public transportation and housing. The report says, only “2% of Thiruvananthapuram’s total population lives in slums, the lowest among the 50 cities in India; 44% of the city’s residents use public transport and 49% residents take less than five minutes to cover 5 km in their neighbourhood, only 13% can do the same in Mumbai.”

The Trivandrum International Airport
If you are traveling from overseas you will b e arriving at the swanky Thiruvantathpuram International Airport(Trivandrum ) .  It is the first Airport in India to be upgraded as international airport.  Over the past three decades, Trivandrum has been well-developed and figures prominently on the world tourism map. It  has  60th place in Global Ranking and 3rd in the country.  The International airport which is situated on the National Highway is well-connected through intermediate/ring roads and NH bypass to Technopark, commercial centers, hospitals, research institutions,tourism destinations and other urban centers.  Being strategically located at the southern tip of Indian subcontinent, the airport   serves as the shortest hopping point from India to Sri Lanka and Maldives.   Thus  it is a preferred airport for international tourists.  Besides direct flights from Trivandrum to Singapore with connections to Europe and USA via the Gulf region are available.  The Visa on Arrival facility (VOA)  is available for citizens of 44 countries and more countries are expected to be added.

The Trivandrum airport was established under his initiative of  Colonel Goda Varma Raja(Royal family) in 1932  as part of the Royal Flying Club. He was a trained pilot who understood the needs of flights in the area for importing and exporting goods.   Thiruvananthapuram international airport joined four other airports to become a gateway  for passengers during the British reign.   After Indian independence,  it became a domestic airport of the city.  In 1991, it was transformed to an international airport to run flights from here to Dubai.
In 2011, a new terminal was inaugurated which was equipped with all major services of that time and  was upgraded to international airport.  I f you live in Trivandrum city center getting  to  the airport and getting  out of the airport is a breeze. It is located approximately 3.7 km (2.3 mi) due west from the city center. The airport is so close to everything that getting to the airport and getting out is like hopping from you home and back.  There is no traffic snarl.

tvm airport14TV_NEW_AIRPORT_1177157fairport interior tvm

Modern facilities  are available  at the airport. The  baggage services at the airport are world-class which includes baggage carousels, x-ray scanners and trolley services.   For older people and  physically challenged  persons  wheel chair facility and escorts to carry their luggage in trolleys are additional services.
There are several shops in the airport  where you can  purchase   gift   items including   clothes, magazines, jewellery and perfumes.  Besides  some eateries  provide all kind of food items .  At the duty-free shops  you  can  buy items at retail prices and free of duty.
Taxis(Pre-paid) Services: When  you arrive at  the airport  terminal, you will  need a taxi to take you to your destination. The pre-paid taxis can be booked at a counter in the arrivals hall. You can choose if you want an AC taxi or without AC. The pre-paid service  a much easier and cheaper alternative than  trying  to find a taxi outside the airport.
Kerala  provides safe and reliable 24 hour taxi hiring services for short distance and long distance journeys.  Other  taxi services like Celcab, Texas taxi service  can be contacted if required.

driver taxisunrise

Majority of the international flights arrive in the wee hours of morning. Early morning drive from the airport along the sea shore is indeed  a pleasant experience- the balmy air and smell of the Arabian sea is refreshing . You see the sunrise,  fishermen hauling their catch and other activities on the shoreline. If  you arrive in Trivandrum by a domestic flight during the day you  get a difference kind of  experience .  As your flight descend to land,  you  catch your  first glimpse of the coconut groves surrounding the coastline and blue waves-  for a moment you think you are about to touch down in the sea.domestic terminal


fishingvjo54 beach

 Central Railway Station, Trivandrum
tvm central stationtrains interior station

The Railway station of  Trivandrum is located at a distance of 5.5 km from the international airport  which  can be  reached in 17 minutes via NH47 by pass road. The Trivandrum central railway  is located in Thampanoor in the heart of the city. It  is the largest, busiest and cleanest railway station in Kerala.   Being a very important terminus the station  handles over 50 trains daily  and connects  to all the important destinations in India. It is one of the most technology advanced stations in India equipped with computerized train control charting system, interactive touch screen kiosk, LED display ,automated announcement and more.

waiting for train

Trivandrum is the first major city along the second longest train route in the world-  Kanyakumari to Jammu-Kashmir. There are fully air-conditioned long distance trains as well as trains with air-conditioned coaches. Apart from the central terminus,  a second satellite station was opened in 2005 at Kochuveli for the convenience  of passengers. The architecture of the Trivandrum Central station is unique. No bricks were used for the construction of this station building-it was built completely with rock masonry. The Central station  was built during the reign of the Maharajah of Travancore and inaugurated on  November 1931.

Central Bus Station (CBS), Trivandrum


The Central Bus Station also called Thampanoor Bus Station, is located opposite the Trivandrum Central Railway. It is also the headquarters of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation(KSRTC). The station has an area of 7.41 acres serving the buses traveling on all routes in Kerala and other inter-state destinations.

The State Motor Service was inaugurated by His Highness Sree Chithirathirunal in 1938. His Highness and his kin were the first passengers of the inaugural trip. This bus along with the 33 other buses were brought on road driving through the Kaudiar Square was seen to be a beautiful attraction.   Since August 2015, the  bus corporation has 5988 schedules and 6114 buses.    Low floor air-condtioned buses are also available in the city plying from the airport to the main points in the city.

i-low floor busDDbustiming

Auto Rickshaws are the backbone of the transportation network. Auto-rickshaws are a popular, easy and inexpensive way of getting around.  These autos normally run by the meter, but you would still find some of them refusing to take  you in the night.  Most of the drivers are friendly and love chatting and many of them can manage speak Hindi or English apart from the local language Malayalam. They can be a good guide to the city and provide you with a lot of information.


Private vehicles in Trivandrum
If you plan to stay with your family permanently in Trivandrum,  it is a good idea to purchase a car.   There are Indian brand  cars as well as foreign cars-   affordable brands  such as Tata Nano to the expensive Audi, Volkswagen etc. There are many  dealers and showrooms selling  used cars and new cars in the city.


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Cultural extravaganza – Trivandrum

Trivandrum (Thiruvanthapuram) the capital of Kerala, organizes  a number of cultural programs through out the year.   The distinctive ways of celebrating the festivals in Kerala is considered to be the unique feature of its culture . There are various forms of  entertainment  to cater to all groups. Trivandrum  always celebrates many happy moments and  you can see a live atmosphere here irrespective of the time you visit.  All year round Trivandrum has various activities to offer to the citizens and tourists such as  performing arts, classical dance and music festivals .  The performances are an entertaining collage of music, movement, song, dance , drama and much more, thrilling audiences of all ages.  Most of the cultural  events are free,  staged in open-air theatre and in various concert halls in the city. Concert are also conducted by many foreign musical groups.

Indian classical dances are performed regularly  in  Trivandrum .  The ‘Nishagandhi Open Air Theatre’, in Kanakakunnu Palace grounds hosts this festival of Indian classic dance and music every year.  You can see many dance programs and have some thrilling and fascinating experience here. This captivating dance forms presents   a stunning glance of the rich dance heritage of India.  The dances  include  Kathak, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Bharathanatyam to name a few.   The enticing musical tunes combining with the stylish classical moves are  truly entertaining for any enthusiastic viewer. Admission  to these events  are usually  free.

rapsady nishaMuthoot-Group-Events kattakali

soorya dance c72ompanysurya danceKuchuppudi_Riya_K_John


Mohiniyattam is a semi-classical dance form of Kerala.








Performing Arts and Art forms

Kathakalli                                                              3athakai


Margi Campus  & Theatre is an organization known for conducting classical dance performances especially Kathakali and Kutiyattom. In its history spanning over three decades Margi has always strived for the revival of the unique art forms of Kerala. The core aim of the organisation is to promote arts of Kerala in every corner of the world. The organization provides Gurukula system of training for these classical art forms and also holds regular performances special presentations of Kathakali , Mohiniyattom , Koodiyattom and other traditional arts of Kerala. Margi was started in 1970 in Trivandrum, Kerala, and  is located near East Fort , Valiyasalai. Trivandrum.

Theyam- Art Form


Classical Martial Arts
Founded in 1983 by Guru Balachandran Nair, (I.S.M.A.) the Indian School of Martial Arts has been practising, teaching and preserving the ancient indigenous arts of Kalaripayattu and Kalarichikilsa. Their headquarters in Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum,  is  housed in a three storyed building. It has a traditional Kalari – the arena for practising the art, built ten feet below ground level.  Literally thousands of students, patients, and guests have passed though its door. In 2003 Guru Balachandran achieved his long held dream by opening Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram in the Trivandrum district.  Since that time the main focus of I.S.M.A. has shifted to the Ashram. The School in Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum is still conducting classes on a daily basis for the youth of Trivandrum. Both the school in Vazhuthacaud, and Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram continue to play a vital role in the preservation of traditional arts, traditions, and values.

indian_school_of_martial_arts_kalari_institutemartial art formsbig_67 marital arts

Classical music festival

swathi thirunal college of music1VSWATHI_THIRU_2017913g

One of the most popular places in India for Indian classical music is Kerala.The Swathi Thirunal College of Music and ‘College of fine arts’ are the leading institutions related to music and arts.

swathi concertswathismusic festvalThe  Kerala government along with certain organizations conduct different programs for the lovers of classical music.   Swathi Sangeethotsavam or Swathi Thirunal Music Festival  is actually the most famous among them and it lasts for one week. This festival is conducted every year in January in the courtyard of Horse palace which  is very much close to the famous Padmanabha Swami Temple. The music festival features both Carnatic and Hindustani classical music. This festival is held as a tribute to the great Swathi Thirunal for his enduring musical works. He gave a new dimension to the Kerala musical tradition and holds nearly 400 compositions of Hindustani and Carnatic music to his credit.

soorya festivalkrishnamurthy

Soorya Festival, an annual cultural event organised by the Soorya Stage and Film Society  is one of the longest and most prestigious cultural events in India. The festival which lasts for more than a hundred days is held in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Soorya festival endeavors to achieve “Integration through Culture” and aspires to propagate the rich Indian culture around the globe. Dance, music, poetry, drama, cinema, documentary – anything and everything that flaunts the rich artistic tradition of India is featured in the 100- day-long festival. Nataraja Krishnamoorthy, popularly known as Soorya Krishnamoorthy, a pioneer of Light and Sound show in Malayalam, is the founder of the Soorya Stage and Film Society. He brought Thiruvananthapuram,  into the cultural and film map of India, through various cultural and film festivals

The opening ceremony of the Soorya  dance and music festival  started with a  classical concert by the famous  Malayalam playback singer  Dr. K.J. Yesudas.  It was a special occasion  for the singer too who was performing for the 36th successive year in the Soorya festival. Adding to the glory was yet another feat of his completion of  50 years in playback singing.


Yeshudas in concert

yeshudas soorya


Amjad Ali Khan & Sons

Amjad Ali Khan has contributed immensely in the field of classical music. A distinguished maestro in the field of playing Sarod, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is popularly known as the “Sarod Samrat”. He is the sixth generation Sarod player in his renowned family. He plays the Sarod with his finger nails instead of finger tips. This gives a clear ringing sound and is also the most difficult technique to apply on the Sarod.   He was so impressed with the  cultural activities  and natural environment of Trivandrum that he expressed his desire  to have  a base in the capital.  The government of Kerala has provided  land in Veli, Trivandrum for  him  to  build  an International School of Music.

Entertainment: Movies & Studios
Keralites are movie buffs and record number of movies are produced in Malayalam to entertain the people. Thiruvananthapuram city holds the largest number of theaters in the state, all within a radius of 3 km.There are over 18 cinema halls which screen films in Malayalam, Tamil, English and Hindi.,
The Malayalam film industry  was based earlier in Chennai (Madras) but  slowly started to set in roots in Trivandrum  towards the end of 1970s. The Kerala State Film Development Corporation, established in 1975 by the Government of Kerala, accelerated that re-planting. As a result, many studios and related industries started popping up in and around Trivandrum . There are also two movie studios in the city- Chithranjali and Merryland.

The International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK):   Kerala State Chalachitra Academy, a Kerala Government Institution to promote cinema conducts International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) every year. The Academy today has become a major player in the cultural landscape of Kerala reaching students, teachers, and ordinary people through various initiatives designed to carry the message of cinema as not only a means of entertainment but of serious academic reflection and a tool to preserve and document the history of society.  A competition section for the films from Asian and African and Latin American countries is the highlight of the festival. The Golden Crow Pheasant Award with a cash prize for the best feature film is  to be shared equally between the director and the producer.  IFFK 2015 is due   to commence in December.

kerala iffk

The Kinfra Film and Video Park, located  in the city near the Technopark, is one of the most advanced film and animation production centres  and  the first animation park in India. The city serves as home to animation companies like Toonz India Ltd and Tata Elxsi.


International Concerts

The presence of  international cultural centers in  Trivandrum has led to variety of  cultural programs every year providing enthralling and riveting performance and keeping the audience spell bound.

Russian Cultural Centre established in Trivandrum in the early 70’s is an extension of the Russian Embassy promoting  Russian culture.  The Center has brought several Russian dance troupes and artists to the city and organized Russian food and cultural festivals, choir music and the like.   Russian artists provided mesmerizing performances over the years like ballet, formal dancing , folk music and so on.  The famous dance ensemble “Rhythm” from the capital of the Russian Republic of Karelia – Petrozavodsk performed a 90 minutes programme. The ballroom dances performed by the 15 member group  was a totally new experience to the audience of more than 1200 people. The “Rhythm” group performed 18 different dances forms, comprising all the possible varieties of ballroom dances: waltz, foxtrot, samba, etc.



russia folk


kTTY1 russia



Noted violinist Manoj George, and his   team  of  nearly 30 musicians presented a Fusion Concert “Titled :Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.” T he concert was  a blend of various styles of music including Western, Classical, Irish, folk and rock.   Manoj George  was credited for his role as a choral arranger in the Grammy award-winning album ‘Winds of Samsara’. The Fusion concert was performed   in the newly refurbished  Tagore Centenary Hall in Vazhuthacaud  in the city.

A Piano concert by famous American pianist Dan Roth was held in Bharat Bhavan Trivandrum.  It was organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Affairs.

pianest roth

To celebrate Easter and summer holidays, Goethe Zentrum at Trivandrum organised a Bavarian concert.  Musicians from Kerala performed alongside German artistes, showcasing an   enjoyable and memorable  treat.

bavarian concertAs part of Bonjour India, Festival of France in India,Alliance Française de Trivandrum   presented a rock show , by Vendeurs d’Enclumes at Nishagandh Theatre.  It was an unprecedented experience for the audience who witnessed this show, as the Indian audience were seldom exposed to live shows in which singers actively emoted according to each song in a very dynamic manner.

rock concert frenchfrench rock concertfrench rJive german rock group

kovalamliteraryfestival_logovictoria town hall

The Kovalam Literary Festival will  take place   at the VJT Hall  in Trivandrum on October 10, 2015. Well known writer, thinker and former civil servant Gopalkrishna Gandhi ((Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson)who was also governor of Bengal from 2004 to 2009 will deliver the eighth K.C John memorial lecture at the Kovalam Literary Festival.  Artists, writers , journalist and eminent persons  are expected to converge for the event.
International Book Fair and Cultural Fest

dc book fair

DC International Book Fair And Cultural Fest 2015Trivandrum  will be on at Chandrashekharan Nair Stadium, from September 30 to October 13, 2015. The DC Book fest will coincide with Kovalam Literary Festival . This is free and open to the public.

The cultural festival  in Trivandrum provides a variety of events  appealing  to everyone.  But, those citizens who are unable to visit the venue to see the live performances can watch some of the shows from their  home on their television. Many private television channels provide round the clock entertainment.



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